Bryan at the Bar

Bryan Meredith
Restaurateur Coach

If you are ready to stop leaving money on the table, then…….

What I Do

I bring a common sense approach to implementing the
5 Pillars of Success for Restaurateurs:

I Review

This is the time to take a step back and look at your needs and evaluate your priorities, set goals and view your business from 50,000 ft. We can start where ever you want, but we will need to view everything. It’s all connected and impacts every aspect of the business. So lets start that review.

I Teach

It does ZERO good to have somebody just do things for you, and then leave you on your own without a clue as to how it was done. My objective will always be to help you identify and address challenging situations and work with you to understand ways to turn these challenges into opportunities.

I Coach

Ongoing support and helpful advice. You can reach out and brainstorm, discuss upcoming opportunities or just go over what’s going on. Sometimes coaching is all about listening. This phase can be the absolute best way to stay on track and really benefit from all the work you have done to get here.


“ Bryan has a great field of view and the ability to develop and implement plans.
I had the great pleasure of working with him in a very fast-paced and challenging environment.
He is level-headed, has great intuition and is a natural leader. ”

Jeff McCabe
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